America, Inc.

America Inc is a national and global business that is run by a board of directors whom concentration is of course money. However, the problem with America, Inc., is that there aren’t too many products being made to generate money. Although the board of directors and its CEO, COO, CFO, and others are spending money erratically to create some form of product, nothing has materialized to be worthy of a profit besides casualty of war. The one product that America, Inc., have produced, that generates a substantial amount of revenue is a product that is never put through proper Research and Development. As a company, Business is always conducted in a proper manner to create a Product that can generate Money (B.P.M.) “Business, Product, Money”. America, Inc., has conducted business over the past one hundred years in such a way that it has survived the hardship of depressions and recessions caused by their own antics of mishandling business. Yet, to maneuver out of these crisis, the CEO, COO, and the board of directors rewrites the bi-laws to favor them, so they can stave off the affects of the repercussion of a bankruptcy. However, never looking or being concerned about the product they sale to the consumer, the people of America and of the world. America, Inc., sales false hope of an American dream that they can’t back. Many of the products or rain checks or wolf tickets that are sold to the American people and the world, and when its time to cash in, the check bounce. Or the product isn’t there to cash in on.

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