Throughout the course of your life, you’ve had a major tendency to go with the flow. As you floated with the current of the ocean you wandered aimlessly in the dark with no sense of direction, searching to find a position or place in life where you’re able to find solid ground to stand firm upon. Throughout your journey the search to discover what life has in store for you becomes a daily process. For each day that you waiver in the ocean your time alone should bring you closer to God. However the thoughts in your head along with worldly circumstances prevents you from discovering the relationship of knowing God is with you all along. In search to find position in life with God, you continue to float aimlessly in the ocean. As time passes ever so slowly, you eventually hit a deserted island only to ask God “How did I get here and why?” God answers, “Although you took matters into your own hands to work your plan, I was with you all along, but you never noticed me. It was I who controlled the natural flow of the oceans current that lead you here. Why are you here you ask, “so I can have your undivided attention.”

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