Callin All Dimes

August 1, 2011

215 Entertainment would like all of our supporters to support the latest single Callin All Dimes by L.O.S aka TineE featuring K.O.S from the upcoming Real Muzik Revisited: Hip Hop Edition Vol.1 on IHeartradio,

America, Inc.

July 31, 2011

America Inc is a national and global business that is run by a board of directors whom concentration is of course money. However, the problem with America, Inc., is that there aren’t too many products being made to generate money. Although the board of directors and its CEO, COO, CFO, and others are spending money erratically to create some form of product, nothing has materialized to be worthy of a profit besides casualty of war. The one product that America, Inc., have produced, that generates a substantial amount of revenue is a product that is never put through proper Research and Development. As a company, Business is always conducted in a proper manner to create a Product that can generate Money (B.P.M.) “Business, Product, Money”. America, Inc., has conducted business over the past one hundred years in such a way that it has survived the hardship of depressions and recessions caused by their own antics of mishandling business. Yet, to maneuver out of these crisis, the CEO, COO, and the board of directors rewrites the bi-laws to favor them, so they can stave off the affects of the repercussion of a bankruptcy. However, never looking or being concerned about the product they sale to the consumer, the people of America and of the world. America, Inc., sales false hope of an American dream that they can’t back. Many of the products or rain checks or wolf tickets that are sold to the American people and the world, and when its time to cash in, the check bounce. Or the product isn’t there to cash in on.

A Messaege to My Dad

June 18, 2011

I realize that my dad’s gifts became my gifts. I always had a passion for Liberal Arts just like my daddy. My dad wrote Poetry & had them publish in books, he also wrote & composed songs, he’s been an Illustrator & written series of books on Love & Relationships, which he taught me how to do. I thank you daddy for teaching me how to be the young man/husband a young lady once desired!! Jonathan Favors-Grimes to his daddy, Xavier Grimes


June 9, 2011

Throughout the course of your life, you’ve had a major tendency to go with the flow. As you floated with the current of the ocean you wandered aimlessly in the dark with no sense of direction, searching to find a position or place in life where you’re able to find solid ground to stand firm upon. Throughout your journey the search to discover what life has in store for you becomes a daily process. For each day that you waiver in the ocean your time alone should bring you closer to God. However the thoughts in your head along with worldly circumstances prevents you from discovering the relationship of knowing God is with you all along. In search to find position in life with God, you continue to float aimlessly in the ocean. As time passes ever so slowly, you eventually hit a deserted island only to ask God “How did I get here and why?” God answers, “Although you took matters into your own hands to work your plan, I was with you all along, but you never noticed me. It was I who controlled the natural flow of the oceans current that lead you here. Why are you here you ask, “so I can have your undivided attention.”


May 10, 2011

Saint Philip AME Church Presents “LOOSE THE LOVE” CONFERENCE July 22-July 24 $15 per person in advance $19 at the door. Apostle Louis & Karen Greenup aka “The Marriage Love Doctors” also featuring Comedian Veda Howard. tickets on sale now at Saint Philip A.M.E. Church or For more information call 404-371-0749


May 8, 2011

A Mothers love is unconditional, it’s touch is comforting yet warm to the heart. Irreplaceable above all – a Mothers love withstands the test of time that it never waivers. Undeniable, a Mothers love is greater than any other love, it can’t be altered. It’s feeling is soothing yet pleasing, and very irresistible that- a Mothers love can’t be denied. For all you do, and all you’ve become-as a mother-your Motherly love is never ending.
Happy Mothers Day
– Xavier Grimes

Real Muzik Revisited Live Preview Show

February 7, 2011

Join us February 15 at 8pm as we bring you the soulful sounds of Atlanta’s hottest independent artists in the music industry. This one of a kind show will highlight the smooth vocals of D’Soul of Muzik, Teekah Monique, Alexis Nicole, and CoCo Jones. This preivew show is just the beginning in a series of shows that will eventually become a compilation CD and a possible tour. Join us at Phoenix Soul Lounge on Panola Rd in Lithonia Ga as we kick off this spectacular event, and help support your independent music community. Tickets are on sale $5 in advance at Get Your Tickets NOW!!or $7 at the door.

RMR Live

January 26, 2011

“Real Muzik Revisited” Live Preview Show, February 15,

January 24, 2011

Join 215 Entertainment for a post Valentine’s Day preview show of “Real Muzik Revisited” Live Feb 15, at Phoenix Soul Lounge Panola Rd in Lithonia Ga at 8pm. This event will highlight the soothing sounds of Teekah Monique, Alexis Nicole, D’Soul of Muzik, Christina Bea and the soulful harmony of N’TENSE. Get your tickets today at and come out and enjoy a great show.

“Real Muzik Revisited” Live Preview Show Feb 15, 2011, Tickets are Now on Sale

January 7, 2011

Real Muzik Revisited Live Preview Show, Feb 15, 8pm at Phoenix Soul Lounge. Tickets are on sale now at